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is a hire

is a hire

We are your strategic partner in building​ high performance teams and long-​lasting relationships.

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We specialize in Tech and Product roles as a transformational ​force that builds long-lasting relationships to fuel high-​performance teams. With 15 years of in-house experience, we ​know the ins and outs of what your business needs.

Our services

  • Recruiting Services
  • Talent Acquisition Consulting
  • Mentoring for recruiters, hiring managers and interviewers
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In 2022, Vicky Charra, recruiting expert, lecturer, and influential ​community leader, founded Talent Wind with a mission to​ redefine recruiting excellence.

We go beyond start dates, focusing on fostering long-term ​relationships that enhance your organizational culture. Our ​dedication to uniting top talent with inspiring projects ensures ​every hire becomes a cornerstone of your company’s growth ​and success.

Embrace Talent Wind’s transformative approach to recruiting, ​where every hire leads to a legacy of celebration and innovation.

our guiding


a hire is a hire

is a hire

We leverage the power of ​networks, increasing ​effectiveness and speed.

we work on

what we love

Our passion keeps us creative, ​adaptive, and flexible.

candidate first,

self last

We create hiring experiences ​that are not only business-​effective but candidate-​centered.

we learn from

our mistakes

We foster a growth mindset ​through continuous ​feedback and openness to ​change.

how it


01 ​•

We jump on a ​discovery call

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We make our agreement

03 ​•

We manage the talent ​calibration and sourcing

04 ​•

You meet already ​calibrated candidates

05 ​•

You start your long-lasting ​relationship with a new hire!

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